Service Tax Books for Professionals

Service Tax Ready Reckoner By V. S. Datey

Paperback: 1004 pages

Publisher: Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd.; 27th Editon edition (2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9350719177

ISBN-13: 978-9350719176

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Law, Practice & Procedure of Service Tax By J K Mittal

Law, Practice & Procedure of Service Tax by J K Mittal is the most authoritative commentary on the subject. It provides a thorough analysis of all aspects of service tax law in a reader friendly manner. All statutory amendments, notable judicial pronouncements, notifications, circulars and trade notices have been adequately covered and fully updated. The book is an essential reference work for assesses, practitioners, revenue officers and judges.
Features : India’s first book on service tax in 2 volumes presented in easy to follow divisions:
I Service Tax at a Glance
II Law, Rules & Regulations, including Taxation of Services: An Education Guide
III Taxation based on the Negative List of Services
IV Practice & Procedure.
• Critical analysis of the amendments made by the Finance Act, 2016, including notifications and circulars issued up to 14th May, 2016
• Relevant notifications and departmental clarifications annexed to chapters
• In-depth coverage of taxation of services based on the Negative List, Exemptions, Abatement, Reverse Charge Mechanism and CENVAT Credit under service tax
• List of Notifications, Circulars and Trade Notices provided for quick reference

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Service Tax How to Meet your Obligations  by S.S. Gupta

Containing an exhaustive commentary on the laws related to Service Tax in India, amended by the Finance Act, 2016. Incorporates Notifications.

  • Basic Concepts, FAQs on GST, Exemptions & Abatements
  • Export & Import of Service
  • Taxability of Specific Services (Advertisement Services – Stock exchange Services)
  • Taxability of Specific Services (Telecom Services – Works Contract)
  • Registration, Payment of Tax, Returns & Records, Other Services Tax Procedures, Cenvat Credit
  • Penalties and Appeals and Statutory Provisions


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Service Tax Manual By Taxmann

Product Description

As Amended by Finance Act 2016 Incorporating: Service tax : Statutory provisions; Rules framed under Service Tax; Chronological Compendium of Service Tax Circulars; Chronological Compendium of Duly updated Notifications; Cenvat Credit Rules/Circulars /Notifications

Product details

Paperback: 1096 pages

Publisher: Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd.; 24th Edition edition (2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 9350719169

ISBN-13: 978-9350719169

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Professional’s Guide to Service Tax – by Abhishek A. Rastogi

The following features have also been incorporated to augment the scope of the title:
• In-depth analysis of amendments made by Finance Act 2016;
• A detailed analysis of Mega Exemption, Negative List, Declared Services, Abatement and Reverse Charge ;
• Guidance on Place of Provision, Point of Taxation and Valuation under Service Tax
• Alphabetical list of 700 services;
• Impact-wise analysis of 700 services including comparative analysis of all erstwhile categories;
• Relevant industry issues on approximately 60 sectors (separate chapters covered alphabetically) including financial services, construction, insurance and healthcare, education, sports, technology, hotel, travel and logistics;
• Coverage of 250 plus foreign cases that find relevance in the Indian context;
• Constitutional validity of service tax for certain services under the negative list regime;
• Legal principles which can be helpful in critical situations;
• Guidance on Annual Information Return as proposed by Finance Act, 2016
• Service Tax Dictionary which contains approximately 1200 meanings of important terms and phrases arranged alphabetically;
• Synopsis of each sector to highlight clear position on taxability;
• Easy tricks to remember Rules including complex CENVAT provisions;

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Cenvat Law & Practice by V.S. Datey

A Comprehensive Commentary on Law relating to Cenvat; Also Incorporating

Comprehensive Case Laws Coverage

Departmental Instructions

Guide to Procedures


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