Nine GST Rules (Composition Rules, Valuation Rules, Transition Rules, ITC Rules, Revised Invoice Rules, Revised Payment Rules, Revised Refund Rules and Revised Registration Rules) have been Released by CBEC. Comments, if any, may be sent to latest by 10-April-2017.

GST Composition Rules

Download (PDF, 351KB)

GST Valuation Rules

Download (PDF, 171KB)

GST Transition Rules

Download (PDF, 504KB)


Download (PDF, 403KB)

Revised GST Invoice Rules

Download (PDF, 289KB)

Revised GST Payment Rules

Download (PDF, 301KB)

Revised GST Refund Rules

Download (PDF, 314KB)

Revised GST Registration Rules

Download (PDF, 416KB)


Revised GST Returns Rules

GST Rules Released by CBEC for Comments

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