Online Registration Procedure in Maharashtra VAT


  1. Dealer log on to web-site
  2. Click on e-registration in e-services column on home page.

  3. Instruction sheet :Detailed guidelines regarding application process flow, location details, list of required documents are provided in the instruction sheet. Click “next” and then “e registration information” page will appear.

  4. e –Registration Information page opens. Read Tool Tips : If net browser IE.6 SP2 or Mozilla Firefox is not available then download Mozilla Firefox by pressing Mozilla Firefox 3.5 button

  5. On the “e Registration Information”page, dealer should enter /select details such as PAN, location, name of business, name of applicant, status of applicant and Act. Applications under MVAT Act and CST Act shall be made electronically. For the time being applications for registration under all other Acts such as Luxury Tax Act, Maharashtra Tax on the Entry of Goods into Local Areas Act and Sugarcane Purchase Tax Act should be submitted manually. For NRC dealer FORM-101 to be submitted manually at the counter of D.C. (Reg.) E-101, Mumbai.

  6. After the information on the “e Registration Information” page is entered, the dealer should click”next”.

  7. E-application under MVAT Act will open

Download Complete Online Registration Procedure in Maharashtra VAT in PDF

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